Air-conditioning unit fresh air auto roller filter

Fujitsu Electronic Components (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. new workshop central air conditioning unit outlet set Nanjing Yi Xi Ecolead automatic shutter air filter. After several technical docking, the final decision to connect the filter and Shen Ling air conditioning unit for the flange connection, different from the traditional method of winding filter into the air conditioning unit, reducing the cost of air conditioning unit, reducing the air conditioning unit Of the area, but also very conducive to the daily operation of filter replacement. Coil filter corresponds to the air conditioning unit 6000CMH, 8000CMH, 21500CMH and other different air flow requirements and flange dimensions, the size of the configuration.

Air inlet set excellent filtering performance, automatic rolling operation of the roller shutter filter, the maximum protection of the air-conditioning unit high efficiency, normal operation without failure; minimize the number of downtime. Nanjing Yi Xi European Ecolead automatic winding filter and the Shen Ling air conditioning units supporting the use of equipment, greatly protecting the life of the back-end equipment and the use of effects, all of the clean room is excellent air quality and product quality premise . Fujitsu makes the relay produced with excellent performance and quality, product quality level higher than the average manufacturer.