Double chamber incinerators

2.) Size requirement for the incinerators is 750 — 850 kg capacity

3.) The bum rate should be 80 LL 100 kg/ hour.

4) The primary chamber shouId have an operating temperature of 900 -1200 degree C.

5) The incinerator should hate a high temperature secondary chamber and 2 second gas
retention time at 850- 1150 degree C so that it is suitable for high risk materials.

6). The incinerator should have temperature monitoring and thermostat control for ease of
operation and assurance of bum temperature to confirm correct operation.

7). The incinerator should be capable of burning any of the hazardous wastes listed in the
subsequent section.

8) The incinerator should be capable of burning diesel oil and should include a larger fuel
tank (10-500 litres) and generator (3 –40 kV) set that can be carried on the trailer with the
incinerator so that the unit requires no external electrical power supply.

9.) The incinerator should be trailer mounted so that it is a po

21. The de- ashing must be done in the bottom of the combustion chamber or the deashing should be Automatic or manual batch de ashing.

22. Process Filtering system: Scruber to be mentionned as optional

23. Emission Standards Compliance: BS 3316 or équivalent standard

23. Capacity to treat Plastic: Not less than 40% by weight

24. CE Manufacturing Compliance: BS EN 746-2-1997

1.      The supplier must give batches of spare parts of first urgency and consumable of the incinerator.

2.      The installed incinerator must bear a one year guarantee.

3.      The supplier shall perforn an onsite installation of the incinerator.

4.      The technical training of operators will have to be provided and given by a technician    

from the factory; it will consist of curative and preventive maintenance, and the use of machine, etc