We are professional cleaner cleaning products industry research, development and production of foreign-owned enterprises. Cleanroom equipment from Class1-100, 000 have rich experience in performance, the line cross-electronic, TFT optoelectronics, biotechnology, biochemistry, food, optics, medicine, schools, research institutes and other industries. Clover Filter sales network throughout the country and Southeast Asia, relying on the industry has experienced sales and technical service personnel, with research and development, production technology level, cost advantages and high-quality team, steady development of the company, we uphold the "quality the service first "spirit to provide customers with high quality products and perfect service. 

PLC Control

PLC Auto control and change the filter material

Air Pressure Element

Control signal by Air Pressure Element

Filter Material Roll

Donot need filter material every time. The filter material roll build inside.

Filter Material In Stock

The Filter Material In Stock for any time need.